A life impacted by a visit to Plastic City

Recently a group from Community Bible Church in San Antonio Texas visited our project in Guyana, South America. This group is not stranger to Guyana and our Country Coordinator, Angie Hemric was thrilled to have them help out for a few days. We've asked them to share a little about their experience and hope it will give you a glimpse into the amazing work that God is doing in Plastic City.

"Being a backpacker has made me aware of just how many things I really DON'T need! What things DO we really need? ...... food, water, shelter, clothes. I can fit these essentials into a backpack. The things we have beyond that is all just "stuff". What I "Want" and what I "need" are worlds apart. Then I saw the homes in Plastic City. It almost makes me embarrassed when I think of all the things I have that remain unused.....closets filled with clothes I haven't worn in years......hobby supplies for projects I just knew I'd do someday........food so far back in the cabinets it's ancient (what a waste). Food in the fridge and freezer no longer eatable. More waste.

I ask myself how much all these things cost that are now going to waste or going unused. What COULD have I bought with this money? Where could I have sent it? After seeing Plastic City, I think of what COULD have been done with that money if I hadn't wasted it on things I didn't need. I will give away what I do not use. I will change my spending habits. I will use what I save to further the Kingdom of Christ."

Debra Baker, Texas

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