What Cam learned in Guatemala

One of the greatest joys that David and I have had as parents is watching our kids serve the Lord in Guatemala. This year they all three seemed to come alive as God opened doors for them to use their specific gifts and talents. Our middle child, Cameron is outgoing, full of energy, and has a heart as big as Guatemala! At the end of the week we asked all team members to process their trip and narrow it down to one sentence with a story to back it up. This is what Cam learned:

"God taught me that I shouldn't judge people by the way they look or how they sound. If a kid looks happy he may not be on the inside. His Mom could have died and his Dad may have left them and he may be living with his Grandma. He may look happy on the inside but not really be happy on the inside. I met this little boy Jonathan. At first I thought he was maybe 4 years old but then I found out that he was 14. He has a disease and is very sick. I helped him eat and played patty cake with him. I saw his cute little smile. I liked spending time with him and hope I can see him next year."