Check Out Our New Fair Trade Items at Community Events

We are super excited about the beautiful and fun new fair trade items we have this Fall. We make it easy for you to buy fair trade for all of your Christmas gifts! You can always host a Party with a Purpose where we come to your home or church and provide a private sale for you and your friends. Or you can invite us to your special event. Imagine how fun it would be to attend a ladies' Christmas gala and be able to shop with free gift wrap at the same time!

One of the most fun days we had last year was when we set up at a MOPS meetings. These moms were able to shop while their kids were taken care of! How creative!

Our latest item is so much fun! The PhD Pocket Disc is made in Guatemala and makes a great Birthday or Christmas gift for all ages! Think fabric frisbee that you can put in your pocket! They look like Guatemalan Hacky Sacks and come in two sizes. The smaller is for indoor use and the larger can be used outside, flies farther and can be used in the water. When your dog catches it it won't fade in his mouth! PE teachers are loving it because they can teach their students to throw and catch without getting hurt like with a traditional frisbee.

Proceeds from the sale of Pocket Discs will help us build a roof at Casita Adonai. If you would like to help us sell them, contact us and we'll set you up! Small are $9.50 and large are $15.00 Our family is giving these for birthday gifts!