Hope At Home From The Christian Alliance for Orphans

We recently saw this post at The Christian Alliance for Orphans Blog. Whether you are a parent to adopted, fostered or biological children (of any age) we think you'll find this article helpful. Dr. Susan Hollis shared on her blog, Hope at Home, about the impact of loving eyes.

"A Time of Refreshing:
Dr. Susan Hillis along with others whose hearts are full with the desire to serve adoptive and foster parents are so excited to have the opportunity to meet you and to come alongside you during HOPE AT HOME 2011 here in Atlanta, Georgia, September 23-24. We see HOPE AT HOME 2011 as a time of refreshing for both husbands and wives as we encounter the Father's Heart for adoptive families. We are looking to God to fill our hearts with His Hope. "

To read more, click on the link below.

Hope at Home Blog

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