Gifts With A Purpose For Christmas

Are you looking for a gift that will honor your loved ones and make a difference? Each day this week we will highlight a different way that you can give with purpose and help us reclaim hope for orphans!

Idea One: Teacher Gifts!

Are you scratching your head, trying to find a teacher gift for all those wonderful people who invest in your kids? What teacher needs another coffee mug or hand lotion? This Christmas Caroline's Promise is giving you a way to honor the teachers in your life while helping a teacher in Guatemala. When you donate $10 we'll use it to assist a teacher at our partner school in Guatemala City. These precious ladies make $120 a month and give so much to the kids at Casita Adonai. In return, we'll mail you a beautiful Christmas Card that you can give to your teacher, acknowledging the gift given in their honor.

Visit our Smarter Shopping (link here) page and choose "Honor a Teacher". For every $10 given we will send you a Christmas Card to give.

Begin Making a Difference Here!

This is a repost from December 2010

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