Your gift of $25 can give sight to a child!

Last spring our partners in Guatemala told us that a lot of the children at their school, Casita Adonai were experiencing headaches. They wondered if it caused by poor vision. When we visited this summer we took eye charts with the goal of screening the children and then somehow finding a way to pay for eye exams for those who were having problems. One day we were out buying supplies and I asked our friend, Francisco if we could stop by the Vision Center at Wal Mart to see how much an eye exam would cost. He told me that his neighbor was an optometrist and before I knew it, he was on the phone, asking the doctor what he would charge to come to the school and give eye exams. I heard "100 kids" and almost freaked out! We couldn't afford eye exams for 100 kids!

When Francisco got off the phone he said "Oh I'm sorry. He was willing to come and do exams for all 100 but the price may change if you only do half of the kids."

"What was the price going to be for each child if he saw 100 kids?" I asked.

"$2.50" Francisco replied.

"What?! $2.50 for an eye exam? And he'll bring his staff and equipment to the school? Schedule him!"

What was amazing is that our team's plans had changed because of bad weather, leaving us with extra funds. Enough money to pay for all 100 children and their teachers to receive eye exams.

This is where you come in! The Doctor had the children choose glasses and he wrote prescriptions for the 40 kids who needed glasses. Your one time gift of $25 will purchase eyeglasses for one child! That's it......$25. Something so simple can change a child's life!

If you would like to be a part of this amazing story of God's provision, please follow the links to donate. You can even give this gift in honor or memory of someone. We will send them a card, acknowledging your gift in their honor, or we can mail the card to you so that you can give it to them personally! Thanks for partnering with us to provide sight to these precious children!