Sponsoring - A Volunteer's Thoughts

This post was written by one of our volunteers, Joanne, sharing some of her thoughts about child sponsorship.

"Last week we had quite a few of you respond to our urgent request for new sponsors to children at Casita that no longer had a sponsor and would lose their place in school if they didn't get another soon. We are SO THANKFUL for how quickly you took action! Thank you!

On Saturday, Caroline's Promise had Breakfast with Santa, (thanks to the hard work and initiative of Susan and Amber Gravely) which raised some much needed funds for Caroline's Promise. I (Joanne) took my son Justin with me so we could both help out at Breakfast with Santa. While we were there Justin was looking at the sponsorship album where we keep pictures of the kids in the sponsorship program... those who have sponsors, and those who are still in need. Justin found a little boy he wants us to sponsor. I told him that we would have to talk it over with daddy. Then last night, in preparing my mind for writing today's post, I realized that there were still many little boys at Casita Adonai that need sponsors. The little girls seem to get sponsors easily. So I asked all three of my boys what they thought I should post to inspire people to sponsor the boys. Justin's initial response, "What's wrong with boys?!?!". Followed by "We could sponsor Erick!" I was hoping for something a little more catchy. But really Justin hit the nail on the head. We are all made in the image of our loving God who wants us to share that love with everyone, especially orphans and widows (James 1:27). I know what I am probably getting for Christmas, another child sponsorship. And nothing could make me happier. :o) So I ask you, do you have the love in your heart to help one of the least of these?"

To make a life-time impact for a child in need, click here and follow the instructions.