RCHCC Christmas: Thank You Sponsors!

Caroline’s Promise has partnered with Ruimveldt Children’s Home and Care Centre for Christmas since the first year they opened with six children. It’s a highlight for the children and a beautiful way to affirm them in God’s love. This year God totally shocked us as we put the word out and people from Texas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida and North Carolina responded. The breadth of our borders was increased as well as the age of the sponsor.

Odessa opened her card and picture at Christmas to find her name beautifully colored and a picture of a family drawn in pencil by a child. She studied the real picture of the family that was also in the envelope as she asked me about her letter. When I explained that her letter was written by a child her size she laughed her bubbly laugh and put on her big smile. Deana read her letter and called me to ask if she could write her sponsor back. She was amazed to read the her sponsor was 19 years old and in college to become a teacher. While Deana had never met her sponsor in person Radesh and Subrena recalled meeting theirs when they came on a mission trip. Four children read about their sponsors who shared how they helped to build the home they now live in. It was totally unexpected that the children then went to find their faces on the outside wall where team pictures still hang.

In the past we have bought the children dollies, trucks, board games and books. This year I wanted to try buying them a gift that was educational and long-lasting. So, we took the risk of buying ten children a shared gift and used their combined funds to purchase a leapfrog handheld game. These gifts can grow with them and encourage learning. The four youngest children were given individual leapfrog learning toys and the oldest six who were too old for leapfrog were given various craft sets. The shrill when they opened them was naturally expected and keeping them in a special place under a caregivers watchful eye should keep them around for a long while time to come.

Thank you for sharing love this Christmas and giving the children at RCHCC a little piece of your heart. Trust me their pictures and cards are in their secret hiding place for them to find over and over again.

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