October Baby, The Movie

October Baby is the story of Hannah, a 19 year old struggling with physical ailments and emotional upheavals. Deep inside herself Hannah has struggled with feeling unwanted. She has always felt something was missing. Early in the film Hannah discovers she was adopted after a failed abortion attempt. Her subsequent search for her birth mother and to know her life story fills the remainder of the film. This is a pro-life film but it goes beyond the obvious anti-abortion message. It is also a story for adoptive parents and adopted teens or young adults; helping us understand one other. It’s a story of family reconciliation and the loyalty and commitment of a friend. It is the story of healing from miscarriage. But most of all it is a story of forgiveness and the redemption and freedom that it brings. The film shows us how the lives of so many have been affected by this one abortion, Hannah, a clinic nurse, Hannah’s birth mother, her adoptive parents. All of these people need to forgive or be forgiven and are suffering because of this need.

The movie comes out March 23. A trailer of the film can be seen at http://www.octoberbabymovie.net/. Be sure to also watch the clip entitled Shari’s Story. The personal story of the actress who plays Hannah’s birthmother and the healing she received through acting in this film. The film would be wonderful for any adult or teen. It is rated PG-13 due to the sensitive nature of the theme.