Help us put a roof on Casita Adonai

Casita Adonai is actually located in the older section of the church, Iglesia Adonai. They have done an amazing job of using space to meet the needs of the kids in their community. Each year they get creative in finding space for the next grade. If they don't then those kids will have to go to the public school where there may be 50+ kids in a class and they will become targets for the gangs. In January they began the new school year with fifth graders meeting in a closet that had been transformed into a classroom. In 2013 there will be no other options for classroom space.

In addition, the roof of the school is in very bad shape. During the rainy season (April - September) they experience heavy rain and the school floods. Words cannot express the feelings of standing inside the school, watching the rain pour in.

The dream of a new roof has now become a necessity. Our prayer is that God will provide the funding so that construction on the roof can begin in October when the school year ends and the dry season begins. It could be completed by January 2013 when the children return to school. The roof would actually be built like a foundation, structurally sound enough to build another level on top of the existing school. This second floor would not only provide shelter for the existing classrooms, but would allow them to build additional classrooms, bathrooms, and meeting space. The project is large because other things like a septic system and water needs have to be taken into consideration. We project that we will need $50,000 or more to complete this project. Caroline's Promise currently has $20,000 that has been given to support the roof project.

The roof project is not just a wish. Something that would be "nice" to have. It is a necessity. Will you pray with us and ask God how you might be involved? Are you part of a church or civic group that is looking for a project? Do you know someone with financial resources that wants to make an investment that will change lives? Can you help host a fundraiser between now and September that will raise awareness and funds for the roof project?

Thank you for your continued support! You can donate online by choosing Guatemala Orphan Projects. Please write "roof" in the comment box.

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