Happy Birthday Caroline!

Nine years ago today David and I were in Guatemala, returning to the city from a week of ministry at Lake Atitlan.  I knew that we were close to a referral of a baby girl from Guatemala and that Friday I could not get her birth mother off my mind.  My heart broke for this woman I did not know yet, understanding that she was probably close to delivery.  All I knew that day was that God was asking me to pray for her.

Several days later after we had returned home we received the call from our adoption agency that our baby girl had been born!  When David asked "what day?" he was not surprised to learn that it had been that Friday, the day that we spent on that bus.

We have always shared this story with Caroline as a testimony to God's timing.  He knew that she was our daughter and he had us IN Guatemala on the day she was born!

That was nine years ago and we can't imagine life without her.   Today she will spend her birthday, celebrating in her beautiful birth country, Guatemala.  What a blessing to be able to give her opportunities to love and be loved by the amazing people of Guatemala.

Feliz Cumpleanos Caroline!

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