Wilson Team - on the ground in Guatemala

What pure joy it has been to be a part of the very first missions team from Wilson Community Church!  I'm so thankful that the Lord has allowed Caroline's Promise the opportunity to share this experience with them.  In just a few days, these men and women  have their eyes opened, hearts broken and spirits set on fire with a passion for the work God is doing here in Guatemala City. 

In just 2 days, this team has painted classrooms and worked on lighting at Casita Adonai, shared testimonies and helped with children's ministry at church and worked alongside local youth workers from Iglesia Adonai to minister to children at Herona (a church plant of Iglesia Adonai).  Those are all wonderful accomplishments, to be sure.  But the greater accomplishments, I believe, have been the things that cannot really be quantified, qualified or checked off a list.   These are the accomplishments of the Holy Spirit in each one of our lives. 

For example, one woman has shared that she has always been the kind of woman who had to be busy all day long.  She could not stand to be “unproductive”. However, due to an unavoidable delay in getting painting supplies to the school, there was a lengthy span on Saturday when the team had nothing to do.  During that time there were some kids at the school and several team members started playing with them.  She said she realized that had we been busy painting, those precious moments interacting with the kids would have been missed.  This has taught her a valuable lesson in being still and allowing God to work.

A man from our group shared that he has been very disturbed to see God's children living in such extreme poverty.  He was reminded of how, in Genesis, God created man as the crown jewel of creation and he also made us caretakers of Eden.  He feels deeply convicted that,  as Christians and caretakers, we are responsible to reach out to those in need.  We cannot be content to live in such abundance while we allow God's creation to live in such a broken, impoverished state. 

 Another man on our team said he thought we were coming to teach the children at Casita Adonai new things.  But, he now realizes that God has sent us here so the children could teach us new things. 

As you can see, the Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts of this group.  Please pray for our continued safety and health, but even more, that lives will continue to be deeply impacted. 

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