Guatemala Family Team -Thursday

Today, our team was able to enjoy a pool party with the students at Casita Adonai. We had a great day eating lunch, playing frisbee, swimming in the pool, and building great relationships. Here is one team member's perspective of the day:

Our day of play ended with this beautiful procession of 100+ kiddos hugging, hand slapping, and cheek kissing everyone of the team members.  As they boarded the bus back to their school, their homes, their families, and their lives, they sang us a song and surely left us with a greater gift than what we were able to give.
They have an unconstrained affection that defies the very face of poverty which stares at them everyday.  I have much to learn, but one thing I know and have seen clearly today: the LORD loves these children and lives through them.  I am just so incredibly thankful to have been a part.