Lessons in Guatemala - Monday

 On Monday, we went to the school to teach lessons to the children, do medical checkups and to teach the ladies of the church how to sew.  The children were taught a lesson on the book the Lorax - about how you have to replant to keep life going.  They did a craft on the "truffala" trees and then we had a craft on sewing buttons and beads on oak leaves.  The leaves are going to be used on a banner that is being made for the church.  We are trying to teach the children that they are Oaks of Righteousness according to Isaiah 61.  A medical clinic was conducted to take the children's weight and height and to determine if they needed further medical assistance.   

A total of eight ladies from the church attended the sewing class.  We had a devotion and then taught them the basics of the sewing machine and sewing in general.  It was amazing to watch them learn something that can change their life and their families lives forever.  If the ladies learn a trade (from sewing) they will be able to help support their family.  Most of the ladies picked up on the sewing pretty quickly.   

We had a great day with the kids and the people from the church!

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