One team member's experience...

"Even though we only spent three days at the camp, I feel like I really connected with the kids. The work God did really changed their lives in a way that I never thought it would.

On the last night we spent with everyone, we split up the girls and boys so we could have a session with them. Rachel and Grace both shared their testimony, with Victoria translating. God used them to reach out to the girls and give them encouragement. More than half of the girls either did not live with, have a close relationship, or know who their dads were. The “plan” was that Chelsea would begin with a bit about self esteem and inner beauty, but God had a different plan. When Rachel shared her story, I could see that the girls had experienced a lot of the same things, and after Grace spoke the tears started coming. Lisa played the song “La Nina De Tus Ojos,” and I could hear the girls crying and singing along. The team took this time to pray over the girls and show them that we truly do care for them and love them all.  I prayed in both Spanish and English, hoping that God would speak to the girls through me. They all needed to know that even though our earthly fathers fail us, our heavenly father never will. I pray that God continues to move in their lives and that they will know and trust that He will always be there with them and will never ever leave.

This night not only changed the lives of all the girls, but it changed mine as well. I didn’t realize how many need people in their life to love and care for them. I want to make some adjustments in my life to let God do something through me to change something in others. Please pray that God will keep these girls safe in their homes and that God will continue to work in their hearts."

Written by Michaela Bate

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