Our Last Day in Guatemala

Today, the family team was able to spend some time at Casita Adonai in order to give thanks and say goodbye to our new friends. We were able to give the teachers innovative information for the library, spend time with the students in each classroom, and present the school staff with a small token of our appreciation. Among all this, we were able to give back to the school in a way that we haven't given before. Today, we spent time teaching the fifth grade class about the Moringa Tree, and its uses for their school and other people around Guatemala. This tree will provide the students with a sense of responsibility, along with a way to care and provide nutrition for their school. Watching these fifth graders plant and learn about this tree was not only a dream come true but also a big step to empowering these students for Christ.

Last night, our team was able to process and share what God has done in our lives this week. We wanted to share these with you in hopes that you may have a glimpse of what God has revealed to us so far...

God taught me....
    "to accept help from my friends."
    "that I can have fun while doing His work."
    "that I need to follow His plan for my life and be a teacher."
    "that when I am able to rest in Him, I can hear His voice throughout the day."
    "His timing is perfect, and He knows it much better than I do."
    "it makes a difference to invest in someone's life"
    "how to love through kids, including my sponsor child."
    "that, truly, if I do not love, I am nothing."
    "to not be afraid to be the one to talk to people first."
    "No matter what happens, you can still smile."
    "to never take things for granted, including my family."
    "that it's often the little things that matter the most."
    "to live with a cleaned off desk when today's assignment is complete."
    "happiness is not measured by wealth or success, but by giving and receiving love and having a 
     God-inspired willingness to serve with relentless faith."
    "no matter what I do or accomplish, it is nothing. I want to build relationships for God's sake."

We can't express to you how much we appreciate your prayers for us. God has truly revealed Himself in amazing ways, and we could not have done it without all of you. Dios te bendiga!

Here are some pictures of our team members enjoying this week:

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