I Can See!

Last Christmas many of you participated in our "Gifts with a Purpose" and sponsored eyeglasses for a student at Casita Adonai.  We wanted to show you how your support is changing lives!

This summer our teams were able to sponsor an eye clinic so that the students would have updated prescriptions.  Over 30 kids needed glasses and the teams participated with their parents, who payed a portion.  By the end of our first week there, the eyeglasses arrived and in typical Guatemala fashion we made a big deal of presenting the glasses to the kids.

At first they were a little self conscious and we wondered if they would actually wear them.  The responses were "I can see!"  "Everything is so clear!"  "I can read better!".  Words can't describe the feelings the following week as we saw the kids wearing their glasses.  THANK YOU!!  As our partners in Guatemala say, "It may seem like something small to you - but to us it's huge!"