A New Building For Casita Adonai!

Casita Adonai is our partner school in Guatemala City.  125 of the area's most precious kids attend this school where they are taught, loved, and protected.  Many of you have stood in the school while it rained outside and watched the water pour in and flood the school.  In addition, we have outgrown space for new classrooms.  If we do not do something soon, our fifth graders may have to go back to the area public school.  We have known for several years that the situation was getting desperate.  

This summer we met with an architect and plans have been drawn for a three story building.  The current building will need to be torn down, a new foundation put in place to accommodate future growth, and then the first floor could be built.  This part of the school will accommodate preschool - sixth grade and pave the way for a second and third floor to be added in the future.  The first floor would also allow us to offer 7-9th grades if the Lord leads us to.

An estimate for the first phase is $100,000 of which Caroline's Promise has $20,000.  That means we have an exciting opportunity to watch God provide $80,000!  It will take a miracle but our goal is to raise the funds by the end of October so that construction can begin when the kids finish school and be complete by the time they start the new year in January.

We are asking you to partner with us.  I realize that there are plenty of worthy projects to support in your community and around the world.  I simply ask you to pray and ask Jesus how He would have you be involved.  We will post ideas in the next few days of ways that you can help!  For now, if you would like to make a donation please visit our giving page.  Choose one time donation and the fund "Guatemala Orphan Projects".  Please write Casita in the comment box.  Thank you for your support!

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