A Step Of Faith

I've had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala with Caroline's Promise a number of times.  However, this year, I was able to experience a CP mission trip in a whole new way.  I had the honor of leading a mission team from Wilson Community Church in Wilson, NC.  It was the first mission trip this young church had ever taken and most of our team members were brand new to missions.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't quite intimidated initially about taking on this responsibility! Here I was, relatively green as a leader, taking a group on their first trip!  What if everything went wrong?  Would they blame me?  Would they blame Caroline's Promise?  Would they decide that missions trips were all bad?  Thankfully, God reminded me I wasn't really the one in charge.  He had placed the Holy Spirit at the head of our group and as long as I followed His leading, everything would be just fine. 

Actually, it was better than fine. Our team worked together beautifully and we were privileged to witness a number of "God Moments", evidence of His deep love for the people of Guatemala and the kids, teachers and administrators at Casita Adonai.  Our team members were so deeply impacted by the experience that many of them have now sponsored children at Casita Adonai and some are even planning a return trip next year!

Caroline's Promise can help facilitate a mission trip for your church or other Christian organization.  We'll provide a team leader and take care of the paperwork and travel arrangements so you can focus on ministry and outreach. If you're interested, give us a call or send an email for more information. 
Written by, Tami Rumfelt

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