Ministry Dreams Coming True for Young Adults in Guatemala

Caroline's Promise partners with a church in Guatemala City, Igelsia Adonai.  The Pastors there are Carlos & Delmi Rivas.  Delmi is a dreamer.  And she dreams big dreams for the people in her church and community.  I can relate.  I'm a lot like Delmi.  In fact, our husbands sometimes roll their eyes when the two of us get together and dream.  I've known Delmi for eleven years and was thrilled when God made it clear that we were to partner with them in Guatemala City.  Often God will confirm this when Delmi opens her mouth to share a dream that she's had and I've had the same dream.

Delmi's church has a girls' choir.  They are led by a young adult, Omar, who is amazing.  This young man is so gifted in music and with kids.  Each time I visit the church I secretly hope that the girls' choir will sing.  It's been a great opportunity for girls who are talented and just need someone to invest in them.  Many of the girls in our child sponsorship program are in this choir.

Last year while we were talking about the choir Delmi shared that she had another dream.  Surprise!  She dreamed of a dance ministry for girls where they would learn how to worship Jesus through dance, learn their value and beauty, and realize how beautiful they are.  I asked her what stood in the way of starting the ministry and she responded "dance clothes and shoes."  That's it?  That's all you need?  Something so simple.

When I returned home I contacted Robin Thompson, who owns In His Company Dance in Kernersville, NC.  Robin was more than willing to set up a box and collect dance clothing and shoes.  She even took up an offering at their spring dance recital.  And that's all it took to start a dance ministry at Iglesia Adonai!

Anna Rocia on the left leading worship with team member Rebecca
This summer our teams delivered the dance supplies and I asked Delmi who she had in mind to teach the classes.  "Anna Rocia"  she replied.  I know Anna Rocia,  Like Omar she is gifted with children.  When she leads the kids in worship they engage in a way I've never seen.  I think it's because Anna Rocia truly worships when she leads those kids.
One day I asked Anna Rocia, "What other ministries are you interested in?"
"Oh - I would love to teach the girls dance."  She replied.
"Really?  What keeps you from doing that?"  I asked.
"Well, I'm not sure the pastors would want us to do that."
"Anna, I happen to know that it's a dream of Delmi's to have a dance ministry at the church."
Her face lit up as she looked to her friend with excitement.
"That's great but we don't have the supplies to start the dance ministry."
"Now you do" I said.  "There is a huge bag of dance clothes and shoes at Delmi's house waiting for you."

I wish I had taken a picture of her face.  It was priceless.  A young adult realizing that her dreams of ministry were about to come true.

A week later Anna Rocia messaged me on facebook to tell me that they were going to have their first dance class.  They are meeting in her home and by the looks of the pictures she has sent, they may run out of space and have to move to the church soon!

I guess this whole experience has been a reminder that when we partner - truly partner with churches in other countries, it's not really about our ideas and dreams.  It's about theirs.  It's much more fun to help their dreams come true; to invest in them and work behind the scenes to make sure they have what they need, to do what God has called them to do.  You see, I love those girls at Iglesia Adonai.  I believe in them and I pray for them.  But I won't be there on a weekly basis to pour into them.  Anna Rocia will.

Thank you Robin Thompson and In His Company Dance for making this possible!  I can't wait to send you video!

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