PAL Kids Get Textbooks!

On Saturday the first group of PAL children made their way to town to purchase their school textbooks and believe me when I tell you this event sized up to be about a lot more than just textbooks.  This day was about:

Simple smiles of thanksgiving
Big brown eyes of shocked belief
Words of thanks from hearts so deep
Walking tall in dignity

Bianca is one cousin in a sea of ten more who all live with their mothers and no fathers.  At eight years old she is the one lone cousin that has made up her mind to attend PAL consistently.  Saturday she reaped the benefits of that decision and joined sixteen others on a trip to Georgetown. She returned home with a backpack full of school textbooks totaling $20. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of her cousins in PAL, and one day, they tool will benefit. 

Ryan, is one of our five consistent high school students that attends PAL. He has lost both of his parents and is in the care of his 22 year old sister. As a 10th grader and one who has his eyes set on education after High School, $55.00 for High School textbooks was a huge educational obstacle. That obstacle got demolished this past Saturday thanks to sponsorship. Now Ryan can follow along in the classroom and also study for his 2013 college exams at home. He has now been empowered, not only with textbooks, but with hope! 

There is an old Chorus that says."In His Time. In His Time.  He makes all things beautiful in His time." It has taken three years to reach this point, but God has been showing us the way forward.  Now, for the first time ever, children from nursery school to high school are talking about what they want to be when they grow up and gaining the confidence to believe it.  

Together we will rise higher than we are right now! To all who promoted the sponsorship of textbooks and all who gave $25 to help a child walk in dignity - Thank you!

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