Ways to Help us Build Casita

The task of raising $80,000  in 2 months for the new school building at Casita Adaoni seems overwhelming......when we try to do it on our own.  When we take the time to remember that this is God's dream for the kids and we trust that He is able to do the impossible, our faith increases!

There is a balance between trying to raise the money on our own and giving God room to do it.  We have been asking God how we should best invite you to partner with us.  This post will give you practical ways to help us build Casita Adonai!

*  Pray!  Join our Facebook Event - Fast & Pray For Casita Adonai.  You will join a group of people from both Guatemala and the States who are committed to fast and pray for this project.  Weekly updates will be sent and we will all join hearts and pray specifically each Wednesday during the month of September.

 *  Fill a Bank!  We filled this little bank with change and it totaled $85.00!  Contact us to receive your bank or better yet, get your school, church, or scout group involved.  We have 80 banks that when filled will total at least $6800!  What an easy way to support this project!

Organize a Fundraiser:  Let us help you organize and promote a fundraiser.  There are lots of ways that your group can host a fundraiser and help us reach the goal!

*  Ask your church to get involved:  Many churches have mission funds or civic and church groups have money set aside for special projects.  Often these groups are looking for special projects to contribute to.  All you have to do is ask!

Set up a Personal Fundraising Page:   We can help you set up a simple webpage that can be posted on facebook and sent through emails.  This is an easy way to invite your friends and family to support what you care about!

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you advocate for Casita Adonai!

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