Images of Guatemala

Sara, reading her Birthday Card from our sponsor family

One of the kids reading a letter from his pen pal, Katie

We were totally surprised to see 2 of the teachers and some of the kids at the airport

Only took us about 3 hours to buy food for the kids...

Rodrigo, reading a letter from his sponsor

Amberly, getting her first letter from her new sponsor!

Lisa trying to translate letters to the fourth grade class

What can we say?  Are they cute or what?

They are so proud of the blankets they made.  Learning to sew at school.

The moringa is growing!

Natalie's first trip to Guatemala.  She's hooked!

Daniel & Linda took time out of their day to help out at the school

Praying with the ladies in the sewing ministry

So proud of the dresses she's learned to make

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