Joy Beyond Measure

The Parker family has reason to celebrate this Christmas.  Tom and Amy Parker and their three children, Grace, Shane and Marta (who came home from Guatamala about five years ago), will soon welcome Jake age 9 and Joy age 10 from China into their family. Jake has a repaired heart defect and Joy is a child with dwarfism.  Because of their ages and special needs, Jake and Joy are considered difficult to place in an adoptive family.  But really, older children and children with special needs are just kids, kids who need a family.  

Caroline's Promise is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of bringing Jake and Joy into their forever family. 
Our 2012 South Carolina grant will help the Parkers to pay their final travel and adoption expenses.  If you would like to join us in bringing Jake and Joy home, please consider an end-of-the year gift.  You can give by going to this link and chosing South Carolina Caroline's Promise under the fund tab. Follow the Parkers' adoption journey here.  

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