Chocolate and Running...Sometimes You Need Both!

Hey all! So excited to fill you in on what I have been up to at the Caroline's Promise office. So far, I have had so much fun working with Lisa and coming up with fundraisers for the new school in Guatemala. Right now, we are talking about chocolate and running... only one of which I actually like. Valentines day is coming up and for those of you who are chocolate lovers like me, listen up, we have an little fundraiser that can not only benefit you but also Caroline's Promise and the summer mission projects we have planned! There are some handmade delicious treats we are selling that range from $4-$30 and shipping is available too! Find out more about the chocolate fundraiser on the CP blog under the post "How sweet it is to do something good!"

Secondly, Caroline's Promise has been trying to plan a fundraiser for the spring and we are thinking on putting on a HOPE GROWS: 5K and Family Fun Run! Our mission for the race and walk is to raise money to build a new school for the children at Casita Adonai. We are making it possible for participants to run in honor of a child that came to your family through adoption or a child in Guatemala. Stay tuned to see if God wants us to continue through with this fundraising idea. We are extremely excited and anxiously waiting to put a date on this fundraiser! Please be praying for Caroline's Promise and our efforts for both of these fundraisers. Don't forget to order your chocolate before we RUN out! (pun intended) God Bless and thank you all for your continued support.


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