Welcome Our New Intern, Natalie!

Why hello, my Caroline's Promise friends! My name is Natalie and I am the new intern for CP! I have not started working yet, but I am here to tell you a little about myself and what I will be doing with Caroline's Promise. You can look here for my blog posts that I will post every Thursday to keep you in the loop on how Caroline's Promise is progressing, and also the events that happened for the week.

So to start off, I am senior at High Point University, with a human relations major and a minor in communications. I am very passionate about Caroline's Promise and their goals to help reclaim hope for orphans in third world countries. Specifically though, I am focused on Casita Adonai and the children in Guatemala. I traveled with Lisa, Barbra and Kendall this past October to Guatemala, where I was first introduced to the children, the school, and the visible need they both shared. I automatically fell in love with the children and their happy-go-lucky personalities. You could see that Casita Adonai was a place for them to escape and become children.

When I returned to America, I knew that I needed to contribute and help raise money for the new school. So far I have raised $1,700 and am looking forward to reaching my new goal of $2,000. I am extremely excited to be the intern for Caroline's Promise and I hope you all enjoy the updates and projects I will be working on.

God Bless!


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