Craft Camp For A Great Cause

We always love to hear the creative ways people find to raise funds, whether for an adoption or to go on a trip with Caroline's Promise. The ingenuity and creativity of each story amazes us, as we watch God prove His faithfulness when we take that first step in faith. The Soutter family is no stranger to watching God's providential hand. Caroline's Promise was able to award them with a grant when they adopted their son from Guatemala. And when Rob Soutter and his daughter Anna, went on one of the family teams to Guatemala, God provided again. Last year,  15-year-old Anna witnessed first hand how God provided exactly what she needed with her own unique step of faith. While planning a second trip with Caroline's Promise, she started an art camp for kids to help pay for it. It was a great success.

This year Anna is planning on returning to Guatemala and is hosting two more craft camps this summer to help pay for her trip. If you live in the Raleigh area, this would be a great opportunity for your child to make some wonderful art AND help a teen raise funds for her trip. Check it out here!

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