Our Bags Are Packed!

Exciting news from our partner missionary in Guyana, Angie!

The time has finally arrived for Tina and I to travel to India for her heart surgery.  Once again thank you to every person who has prayed for the entire process of paperwork. The organization we are traveling with raised funds for Tina's medical expenses and airline tickets and special donors like yourself have taken care of her other needs and my travel expenses.  So many of you have given financially and many churches and Sunday school classes have taken up love offerings to meet our travel needs. Thank you to all who have surrounded us like a family, adding a layer of peace to what now lies ahead of us.    Tina and I depart with a group of 22 others on Friday, Feb. 15th.  We will touch down in Toronto, Canada for the weekend and spend time with the host organization.  Our 16 hour plane ride takes us through Austria on our way to New Delhi, India and travel begins on Monday evening.  The hospital room in India will be our home for the month and we are due to leave India on our return March 10th.  I believe you will know how to pray and God will tune you in to what our greatest need is on a particular day.  For that I am thankful.  In general you can pray for:
It is going to be a long trip and while Tina feels the adventure now what she does not realize is that every experience, airports, planes, big cities, immigration, hospital stays, new food, new people...will add up to a lot to process!
Pray for Tina to stay well now, free of colds, and for her recovery to be smooth and strong. I already believe that her surgery will be a 100% success and have taken the posture to thank God for this.
You can pray for me that my health will stay strong. I have been warned that India can be rough on the system! Trusting God to supply all my needs so that I can give Tina all she needs.
Pray that we pass in and out of countries smoothly and without incident and that all will be safe in every place that we lay our head.
Those travelling with us come from all different walks of life and faith backgrounds, pray that will be an encouragement one to another.

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