They Need You

Today at the CP office, we received a list of children that will be attending Casita for the school year 2013. Lisa asked me to go through the list, and figure out the kids who will be returning to the school and who wouldn’t. Not really thinking, I started my job. I went through the new list of kids looking for the names to match up. About half way through, I felt my heart get heavy. I had to mark in yellow the kids who had left the school and I realized the list was starting to become more yellow than I had anticipated. So I did what I always do, I triple checked the list. Still the same.

Lisa came back in from her morning meeting and asked me to read off the list that I had marked yellow. I started reading them off, one by one. I could see the hurt in her face as she pulled out the children’s pictures and put them in a discard pile, and I felt it too. “How is it that these children left the school?” I asked Lisa, she responded quite simply, “It’s the economy.” I thought to myself, how can this happen. How can these children literally go to school one year and not the next. It didn’t make sense.

The sad thing is, these children would probably have stayed in school if they had sponsors. 34 children left the school, 25 of them didn’t have sponsors and the 9 children who did, had to move away with their family to a different area. Sponsorship is a real thing. It keeps these kids in school and gives them a place to learn and grow. No child should be robbed of that, but these children are. Ultimately, everything happens for a reason and God is in charge of that. If you feel that God is calling you to do more or stretch further, this may be an option for you.

I encourage you to quiet your heart, listening for God’s voice, and ask Him if sponsoring a child is something you’re able to do. We can protect these children and give them the education and experiences they deserve with this sponsorship.To see a list of the children needing sponsors on our web page, click here. For more children (and if you are on Facebook) click here.

God Bless,


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