Girls Changing the World! Send a girl to camp

When Caroline's Promise met with the leadership of Iglesia Adonai in March, and we started comparing notes about the summer teams, we were amazed and thrilled at what God had in store for us. One of our summer teams this year is very unique. It's all women. This seemed a challenge for us at first, because we typically like our summer teams to be a well-balanced group of ages and genders so as to accommodate the mix we will find in Guatemala. However, God had special plans in mind, and all women suited His needs perfectly. You see, Iglesia Adonai has identified 30 girls, ages 13-23 who are leaders in the church and community.  These are the young ladies who are ministering to orphans and vulnerable children in their community on a daily basis!  Iglesia Adonai has asked us to partner with them to offer a camp  this summer called "Girls Changing the World". The only way Caroline's Promise would be able to assist that camp, is if they had a team with no men on it. Coincidence? Not for our God!
The "Girls Changing The World" camp will be based on the theme Isaiah 61, and our goal will be
to make sure that the girls' relationship with Jesus is solid, understanding God as their Heavenly Father. Our prayer is this camp will provide opportunities for them to identify
(and then for God to heal) hurts, and lies they believe about themselves, others and God.  
We're asking God to free these women from the grip of the enemy so that by the end of the camp, they are free to be the beautiful women God created and saved them to be, changing the world by living out their purpose in God's great plan.
We are so excited by what God is doing and will continue to do, particularly through this camp! And we want to extend an invitation to you to join in this excitement! While you may have your own children that you are signing up for summer camps, why not consider sending one of these precious girls to camp in Guatemala! The cost is only $50 a girl, and with your donation you will receive the name of a girl that you are sponsoring for camp. You could even write a note of encouragement to her and we will make sure she receives it on the first day of camp!
If you are interested in sponsoring one of these beautiful girls you can donate online here.
Choose the fund "Guatemala Orphan Projects" and write "camp" in the comment box. 

As a way of saying "thank you" we would like to send you one of two books by Tom Davis.  "Fields of the Fatherless" or "Red Letters".   Please mention the book you want in the comment box as well.