Lessons learned...

Buenos Dias a todos! Today, we are saying our goodbyes to many of our friends here who have been a part of our lives for the last week. It can be very sad for us, but we are encouraged to know that the ministry here will carry on through these people. We have been so blessed by the people of Iglesia Adonai and Casita Adonai, and we are excited to share these blessings with those of you at home.

Yesterday, our team spent some time listing ten events or things that stood out to them from this week. Of those ten things, they were asked to pick their top three things and ask God what He was teaching them. After spending time praying about our trip, these are the things we shared with one another:

"Everyone has a story full of pain, but God is enough- His love is enough."

"God will provide when I or others can't provide for me."

"God is the 'I Am,' and He is enough for me."

"I am enough, God's love is enough, and He is sufficient. He provided healing for me."

"God taught me to listen to Him when He speaks."

"God taught me that I am good enough. I am beautiful in his eyes because he doesn't make ugly things. He taught me to let go because I can't do it on my own. He has control and will never fail me."

"God is faithful to provide. He provided joy, awareness, multiplied time, rest from disappointments, friends, money, an expanded heart, healing, incredible instruction, and truth." Phil. 4:9

"Everything God provides is a gift to be used for His glory."

"God showed me how faithful He is in my life."

"Everything I think about myself is nothing compared to what God thinks of me."

God told me, "I will heal you and I will set you free. So, trust me and let me into the places you need healing."

"I'm not alone; I have God who loves me and shows me joy."

"God taught me to fall in love with Him. He will never leave or disappoint me. I'm most important to Him."

"God broke my pride and asked me to give Him the glory for the gifts He has given me."

"You should try to get as close to the kids as you can because you don't have a lot of time to spend with them."

Thank you all so much for the support you have given us! We have felt your prayers and love towards us over the course of this week. Dios te bendiga!

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