Thoughts from the girls regarding camp

We asked the girls to share their thoughts about camp.  Hope you enjoy!

"I learned to forgive.  Listening to the testimonies made me reflect on what I've done in the past."

"This camp was such a blessing for each one of the girls that came.  God showed us that we should forgive, like how He forgives us.  God has a plan for us and He loves us."

"This camp was such a blessing for me.  It was the first camp of girls that I've been to.  All that I learned has challenged me to share and teach others.  It was a marvelous group.  God bless you!"

"Thank you for everything.  God bless you and your families.  I carry a pretty picture of the camp and forgiveness now exists in me."

"I learned to value and accept myself how I am, to forgive all the bad things I've done.  I am now a new girl and I feel happy with God!  Thanks to God!"

"It was a wonderful experience to get to know each purpose God has for each girl.  I can also share in a closer way with others!  I also had a lot of fun!"

"Forgive.  I don't have words to express my immense thankfulness for you!  Because without thinking, you have blessed us greatly.  I thank God for angels like you!  Many of us have learned to be much closer to God.  We love you very much!"

"This camp has been a big blessing because God spoke to us.  We are all perfect because God created us, and all He creates is perfect.  We need to love ourselves how we are and be happy how we are.  We also need to forgive ourselves and the people who have hurt us."

"This camp helped set me free from the chains I have been burdened with until now and today I will start a new life!"

"God showed me that it was time to clean the rooms inside my house, especially one particular room that needs renovation.  And that it was time to start forgiving myself for what is inside this room.  Thank you for sponsoring this camp.  May God continue using all of you to spread His kingdom and that your life and family be blessed and surprised every day by his unfailing love.  Thank you very much!"

To every person who prayed for gave a financial gift to make this camp possible - thank you!

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