Volunteers Needed for Special Projects This Month

Thanks to everyone who made our Guate Tacular Celebration such a success!  We LOVE our volunteers!

October will be a month of preparation and November will be busy with fair trade and Orphan Sunday events.

We are looking for a volunteer who can put a VIDEO together of our 6th grade graduation class.  Time is running out - we need it by Ocotber 15.  If you like to do this sort of thing, let us now asap.  We can get you the pics and the music.

We also need a volunteer to work with some photos - attaching them to foam board for a new display.  If you are crafty and like working with photos, let us know.  This project needs to be completed by October 28.

Caroline's Promise will be at The Holiday Market at the Greensboro Coliseum the weekend of November 1-3.  If you would like to help (think free entry!) let us know.

Email us at LisaHolbrook@Carolinespromise.net
Call us at (336) 669-7340

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