Graduation Day in Guatemala

Today was the graduation for Prepa (graduating from Kindergarten), and 6th graders. It would be the last time that the 6th graders attend Casita. Hunter was able to be a part of the first graduation. It was really special! Esteban is a 6th grader that Hunter really bonded with during the last 2 days. He speaks English as well.  

The ceremony was beautiful with freshly made flowers by the ladies of the church. All the decorations that were made by the teachers were so beautiful.  Most of all Hunter enjoyed the handmade graduation hats.  What a special thing for him. 

 Hunter wanted to be a part of the ceremony and graduate with them. So he put a hat on his head and his daddy told him that he was now a graduate of Guatemala.

Hunter said the highlight of his day was going to his first Guatemalan restaurant with all the 6th graders. They all made him feel like he was a part of them. Having lunch with the big kids was pretty cool!  When asked what he learned today, he said that he was a lucky boy. He said seeing the Mommies cry hurt his feelings.  He understood because he just had his best friend move and now the 6ths graders won't be together anymore. They all have to make new friends and find their way around new places. 

Hunter hopes to go home and get the 30 children that are left at the school sponsored. He really wants to see smiles on their faces the next time he comes. Hunter saw many sad faces yesterday when they didn’t get packages from their sponsors or food bags. He wishes we could sponsor more than the 2 we already do. Are you willing to give up something once a month to help a child in need? Just $35 will make a huge difference in one child’s life. 

On Friday Hunter will get to see the sights and sounds of Guatemala. Check back to see what he thinks of his birth country.