Guatemala through Hunter's eyes

Hunter has been in Guatemala for 24 hours and has seen experienced a lot of firsta. This is the first time he has been back to his birth country in 7 years. So the sights and sounds were interesting to him at the airport. But the smile on his face was a great thing to be a part of. 

Wednesday afternoon after arriving, we got busy packing 70 plus bags of food for the children that are sponsored. The food will help provide for them during the next 4 months while school is out for the summer. Hunter worked really hard helping to separate the food and bag it.
He was then excited to see the dorm and where he would spend the next 5 nights. Before going to bed he told his daddy “my dream has come true, I get to see my country”.

Today, we visited the school where we gave out the bags of food and sponsor gifts to the children. To see their faces filled with happiness was great. Hunter enjoyed getting to see the school they attend, all while saying this is nothing like Rock Ridge (his school back in the states). He was able to see how they learn with limited supplies, and the conditions of the building . He said the part that made him sad was knowing they didn’t have a playground.  

But the highlight of his day so far has been to meet Luis and Nora,  the children that he writes letters to and shops for. Hunter fit right in with all the children, even doing crafts with them.  It was a special time to watch him meet, play and be with the children. Hunter would like to ask you all to pray for the children of Casita as he has seen first-hand what life is like and how lucky he is. 

Check back on Friday for a full day of exciting events that Hunter gets to be a part of.