Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Antigua

Saturday Hunter was able to get out and see another side of Guatemala. Antigua used to be the capital of Guatemala. A very tourisyt town, old buildings and stone walk ways. Hunter said the smell of Antigua reminded him of a Pig’s fart. Yes, we laughed.  While walking the streets he was able to see the ladies, gentlemen, and children begging for money.  At one point he went to McDonalds to get some fries which was a treat for him. When walking out he saw a mommy sitting with her daughter in the rain holding a bowl for money. He said can I please give the little girl my fries? We had to explain that you can’t. He was so sad. Hunter said to Tripp that if he was living in Guatemala, he thought he would be living on the streets. 

Later in the day, another team member Abby gave Hunter some dollars to give to the people as he was upset he couldn’t give them anything. Seeing the smile on his face as he was told he could help a little was amazing.  He walked by a daddy and a little boy earlier and wanted to make sure he gave them some money.  They stood out in his mind.  Then he continued down the street to see other people with children, no legs, or older grandmas needing money. He gave as he could to each. "A little is better than none"  said Hunter. 

Hunter got to visit another restaurant, along with seeing the history of Antigua as well. The church and the Arch he thought were really neat. But most of all, the water fountains were his favorite. They all were different, and in many different places throughout the mountain area. 

Today was a day that Hunter saw how blessed he is to be in the United States. He has way more than he would have ever had here.  "I know now what life would have been like in Guatemala" said Hunter. " I doubt I would be at a great school getting an education, playing with friends, and doing all the things I love. But most of all I am thankful that God gave me to my parents."  Not only was Hunter blessed today, the team was blessed to see it all through his eyes. Hunter enjoyed riding at the front of the bus, looking out the window, and being so open to new experiences. Hunter hopes you are enjoying following his journey in Guatemala. Check back to see how he will spend his Sunday.

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