The last $20,000! Looking for 20 people to raise $1000

We can hardly believe it!

Our goal with the HOPE GROWS CAMPAIGN has been to raise $100,000 to construct a new building for the church and school in Guatemala City.  With your help we now have $73,000!!!
Our Board of Directors has taken on a project that will raise close to $7,000 before December 15.

That leaves.........only $20,000 to raise and we can break ground in January!

We come to you, once again, asking you to help.  We are looking for 20 people or groups of people that will commit to raising $1000 by the end of the year.  Easy!

We have 20 rooms in the school that need to be sponsored at $1000 each.  Will you prayerfully consider taking one of these on?  It could be your favorite class, the class your sponsored child is in, or perhaps another room that you have a heart for like the teachers' lounge.  We already have 3 of the 20 people needed.  Are you one of the 20?  

An anonymous donor has offered to award those who raise the most money with these prizes:
1st place - $200     2nd place - $100  and 3rd place - $50!!!

Here are some creative ideas:

1.  Set up a fundraising page through Caroline's Promise - we'll help you!  Look at Abby's page. 

2.  Gather a team of friends to help you or do it alone.  We will help you determine a creative way to ask for donations or raise them.  (see the list below)

3.  Set a deadline of December 15 so that people will go ahead and give and not put it off.

4.  Promote it on social media - send emails - make phone calls.  You'll be surprised at how many people are looking for special causes to give end of the year gifts to.  All you have to do is tell them why it's important to you and ASK!

5.  Most of all - pray for God to send the people and the money to make HOPE GROW!!!

We need you.  Really, we do.  Most of all, the kids need you.

Contact us today and let's get started!!!

Easy Ways to Raise $1000
*  Ask 10 people to give $100 or 20 people to give $50.  Connect it to a classroom and the number of kids in that class.
Host a fundraising meal, sell candy, babysit, host a parents' night out, offer gift wrap
*  Ask your church or community group if they have funds that they need to give before the end of the year.
*  See if your employer matches your donations.  Raise $500 with a fundraiser and then get your company to match it.
*  Sell something!  Use amazon or ebay to sell things around your house.  Have a rummage sale with a group of people, or sell crafts that you make
*  Set up a fundraising page like Abby did.  Make it personal - tell people WHY it's important to you and then post it several times a day on social media.  Or email friends and family, inviting them to give.

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