A Piece Of The Puzzle

We are so close to getting the necessary funds to begin construction at Casita Adonai! The board members of Caroline's Promise were tasked with raising money by asking within their networks to purchase a puzzle piece for $25. The completed puzzle will hang in the new school, and each piece purchased will have the donors name written on the back. One of our board members had a touching experience with this project and we wanted to share it with you:

"Hi all! I wanted to share with you a really neat experience that I had this week as I have been promoting our puzzle project. I hate to ask people for money. Really I hate to ask people for anything, but I know how important this puzzle project is to CP and this final push to finish up the building project, so I bit the bullet and started really trying to promote it on Facebook as well as sending out some personal "asks" for support. One of the people I sent a personal request to is a struggling single mother. Honestly, I came very close to not asking her at all because I knew her situation but I felt prompted to ask her anyway. I made sure to tell her that her prayers were just as important as any donation she could make so that she would have an "out" if she needed it. She responded back that she would definitely be praying but that things were so tight for her right now that she was literally counting out change at the grocery store. I told her I totally understood, that prayers were the most important thing. I thought that would be the end of it. Nope. After I posted on Facebook again last night, I got a text from this young mother asking "Just how much do you need, exactly?" I told her that each puzzle piece was $25 but that any amount would be appreciated and again that prayers were the most important way to support. She responded back that the $25 was on the way. She had taken her daughter to get her hair done and the hairdresser told her not to pay her anything but to make sure that she paid it forward somehow. The amount she usually spent to get her daughter's hair done? $25.00. That in and of itself was a "Wow!" moment, but then she started telling me that she told her hairdresser that she was going to pay it forward by giving the money to Caroline's Promise and her hairdresser shared that she knows both Tami and Lisa and was SO happy to hear that the money was going to CP.

This was a lesson and a blessing for both me and for this young mother. A lesson for me in that I should never judge God's ability to use people of limited means to do His work and that He will provide the means for them to do it if He calls them to it. It is not my place to make that decision ahead of time, it is just my job to ask. Like Lisa said a few weeks ago, ask, and God will make the impossible possible. And a lesson for this young mother, that God sees and hears our struggles and He will provide over and above if we are just faithful to listen and move. Maybe none of you needed to hear that this Christmas season, but I know I did. Have a blessed week!"

For more information on how you can be a piece of the puzzle (pun intended!) click here!