Check out our new website - win a new HOPE Tshirt!

We are excited about our new website and want you to see it!  To encourage you to take a look, we will have a contest Wednesday, December 11 - Friday, December 13.  It's so easy!
1.  Take a look at our new website.  Make note of what you like, your favorite page, etc.
2.  Go to our facebook page or Instagram (Caroline's Promise).  Find the contest post  (pic of the new HOPE tshirt) and comment below it.  Share what you thought about the site, your favorite page, or your favorite pic.
3.  Check back on Friday at 12 noon to see if you won!  We will give one tshirt on facebook and one on instagram.  And if you share either status you will receive an additional entry into the contest.
If you would like to skip the contest and just buy a tshirt today they are $20 and you can order them online.  

We would like to thank Matt King for designing our new logo and Ministry Designs for helping us create such a cool site.  Thank you Stephanie DiMora, Sara Toney, and Stanley for all of your help with the site.  Hannah Capps took many of the photos that we used on the site, including the photo of the little girl, Raisa on the home page and the background image of the area around Casita Adonai.  Hannah is an amazing photographer - you should check out her work at Paper Heart Photo
Thank you Hannah!  When we visited Raisa's family that day, 2 years ago - I knew that God was up to something.  I'm so glad you were there to capture it!