One Dollar At A Time

One of the ways God blesses us at CP is to see how He uses individuals, families and groups to creatively find new avenues to raise money for Casita Adonai. This is one such story....

From left to right Ashley 11, Abigail 15, Meghan and Madison 14. Add caption
Meet the Juchs Family. They have four daughters who decided they wanted to help build the school in Guatemala. So the parents bought the jumbo size boxes of candy bars at a warehouse store. They decided to donate the cost of the bars, so 100% of what was raised could go directly toward the school. Their girls went around, sharing a bit about Caroline's Promise, and offer a candy bar for $1.00, telling people it was going towards the building fund for Casita. If the people were interested in more information, they gave them a flyer about Caroline's Promise. So far, they have raised $140!
What a blessing! Every donation gets us that much closer to our goal. We are so thankful for families like the Juchs' who make it a priority to instill great values in their kids, as well as keeping a global focus on the needs of others. Thank you Juchs Family!