Skip a Meal, Be a Piece of the Puzzle

We can hardly believe it!

Our goal with the HOPE GROWS CAMPAIGN has been to raise $100,000 to construct a new building for the church and school in Guatemala City.  We have had several commitments for gifts that we expect to come in by the end of February.  If they all come in we will only lack $4700!

In December we asked you to help us complete the Hope Grows puzzle by "purchasing" a puzzle piece for $25.  There are 188 pieces left in the puzzle.  When all of them are purchased the puzzle will be complete and we can begin construction!  We will write the name of each donor on the back of their puzzle piece and hang it in a double sided frame in the new school!

We need you.  Really, we do.  Most of all, the kids need you.
Here's how you can help!

1.  If you haven't already purchased a puzzle piece - do it today!
During the month of February we're encouraging you to skip one meal "out" as a family.  It's easy for the average family to spend $25 at a restaurant.  What a great way to teach your kids about "sacrificing" for others.  Have dinner at home and pray for the kids at Casita.  Then go to our website and purchase your piece of the puzzle!  Purchase your piece here.

2.  Share the need with your church, friends, and family. 

3.  Pray for God to provide the finances and go before our partners in Guatemala as they obtain permits for construction and locate alternate space for classes.

Thank you for all that you do for the ministry of Caroline's Promise and the kids in Guatemala.

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