Final Thoughts From Our Interns

I can't believe how fast these past two months have gone by. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to minister and intern in Guatemala. Grace and I were able to teach English, computer, and drama classes to the children of Casita Adonia. We immediately began to love the people and the culture of Guatemala right from the start. We were also so blessed to have been able to stay with an amazing family who poured into us daily with love and kindness. This family has such a powerful and awesome vision for the people of Guatemala and such a huge heart for God!

We were given so many opportunities to share God's love with all of the people. Not only did we minister to them, but they all completely touched and changed my life forever. Even though some of them may have very little in the way of material things,  they are the most caring, selfless, and happy people. They trust God to handle their difficult situations. Seeing this made me realize that I should never take anything for granted. Also,they showed me to be joyful and give God the glory in every circumstance because He knows the plans for our lives.

 It has been difficult adjusting to being back home after living there for two months. I miss the children of the school, the church and the family I stayed with! I am also very grateful for how much Spanish I was able to learn! Being submerged and absolutely having to speak Spanish made me learn it faster. Now I really want to major in Spanish! This trip has made me realize that my heart is in missions. I truly feel called to do missions in the future! I'm not exactly sure where or when but I am so excited for God's timing and plans to be revealed to me! This trip blessed me greatly and revealed so much to me, not only about Guatemala but also about myself! Thank you for the many ways you supported both myself and Grace during our internship.
~Written by Rebecca