Supporting Our Teachers At Casita Adonai

Our teachers are a vital part of the foundation of all that we do at Casita Adonai.  Because of the location  and the financial needs of the parents who send their kids to Casita, tuition is very low.  This is great for the children who are able to receive a quality Christian education in a safe, loving, environment.  However, low tuition leads to low teacher pay. 

 The average teacher in Guatemala City makes $330 a month while our teachers are only making $131. 
 To give you an idea of how this translates - one of our teachers who is a single mom of 2 children pays $130 per month for rent of her small apartment.

We have prayed about how we can help increase their salaries and are excited to offer a teacher Sponsorship Program.  For $35 a month you can support one of our teachers or staff and truly make a difference for them.  We believe that your prayers, love, letters and small gifts throughout the year will encourage them and remind them just how much Jesus loves them.  We hope that you will invest in our teachers.

Please see the gallery of teachers who need sponsorship here.  Follow the instructions to set up your sponsorship.  We will send you a card with their photo and more information about how you can support them through prayers, letters, and gifts throughout the year.

Most of all, will you join us in praying for our teachers?  They are such a vital part of the ministry to our kids and families at Casita Adonai!