2014 Family Team Jumps In!

After a full day of travel and a decent night's sleep our family team spent their first day doing both ministry and construction.  Ruth Edwards led the teamin presenting a substance abuse prevention program to the older students at Casita and Iglesia Adonai and the kids who graduated last year (7th
graders now).  The presentation was interactive and timely and the kids loved participating!

The day before, one of the 7th graders had come to Casita to see her brother participate in a program.  Afterward, in tears, she shared with Delmi just how much she misses being a part of Casita - especially how she misses participating in the dramas.  Our family team wasn't aware of this but God was!  That same student came to the substance abuse program the next day where one of the activities was to learn about a substance and present a drama to the group.  This 7th grader was in her element as she led her group in a drama!

I sat back in awe of how God had heard her heart and prompted our team member, Ruth to include drama in her presentation.  It was another example of how God "gets us".

We invited the 7th graders to come back to Delmi's for lunch with us.  This was precious time that we
could spend with them since they are no longer able to attend Casita Adonai.  It's another example of how relationships are important and how blessed we are to be a small part of these kids' lives.  Will you pray for them?

Saturday afternoon the team continued work projects that our first team had started.  Event the kids got involved, cutting wire whiole the teens and adults made columns out of rebar that will be used as the foundation of the new building.  CP Board Member and family team leader, Stephanie DiMora shared how frustrating it has been to know that the funds are in the bank to build the first floor of the new building but not having the permit prevents us from beginning.  We had had hoped that we would be laying block this summer.  She put it all into perspective as she shared how blessed she felt to be working on the structural foundation of the building - getting in on the work from the very beginning.  Perspective is everything!

The team is doing great and working together.  Thank you Jesus - no sickness and no injuries!  We can already see God working in and through them.  Thank you for your prayers!

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