Happy Birthday Delmi!

When I met Delmi Rivas 12 years ago I fell in love.  She was passionate about not only sharing Jesus with people, but making their lives better.  As the years passed I watched her love well.  And I benefited from that love because regardless of where I've been in my life and what I've been through, Delmi has always believed in me and loved me well.  I'm not an exception - she does that with just about everyone.  She's a dreamer, but not just any dreamer.  She dreams God's dreams for the precious people that He puts in her life.  It's a joy for those of us who know her to be a small part of making many of her dreams come true.  Once you meet Delmi you are changed, because of the love that she gives.

Delmi will turn 66 on June 5.  She speaks of being old and we laugh.  Although she has slowed down a little, her passion and love have never ceased.  Delmi asked me if I would encourage her friends to do more than wish her a "happy birthday".  As usual, she's not thinking of herself, but of the precious children that God has entrusted to her.  There are several ways that you can honor Delmi on her birthday.  

Pray for Delmi's kids on her birthday

Sponsor a child:  Your $35 monthly gift will provide education and care to a child who lives in the community where Delmi and her husband, Carlos minister.

Send a Kid to Camp:  Your one time gift of $50 will send a kid from her church or the community where they are planting a church to camp this summer.  We are believing that God will move greatly in the lives of these kids.

Support the construction of a new building to benefit the church and school.  Your one time donation of any amount to the fund "Guatemala Orphan Projects" will enable construction to continue.  

We would love for you to wish Delmi a Happy Birthday by visiting her facebook page and leaving a comment.  Let's help her feel as loved as she has made us feel!

Happy Birthday Delmi!

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