Partnership Works - Women from Iglesia Adonai take their own mission trip

We love partnering with churches versus doing our own thing.  Over the past 3 years we have seen the people of Iglesia Adonai (our partner church) step up and minister in creative and effective ways.  Caroline's Promise is there to support and encourage and help if we can.  However the Guatemalan people hear God well and have always been faithful to go where He calls them. 

The women of the church heard about the needs of people in Huehuetenango, in the highlands of Guatemala.  Carlos & Delmi have family who serve there and minister to the people who live and work in the coffee fields.  They took donation of yarn from friends in the US and made hats and scarves for the ladies and children that they would meet.  After months of praying and preparing they embarked on their first mission trip.  You can tell by the photos that the people they met were blessed by their visit but the ladies who went were blessed just as much!

This is one of the main reasons we love partnering with Carlos & Delmi and Iglesia Adonai.  Their passion for people is huge and their willingness to serve is an example to us!

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