What this girl did to "earn" a place at kids' camp

Our partner church in Guatemala, Iglesia Adonai realizes that the kids in their community can't afford to go to a kids' camp.  That's why we ask you to help sponsor them ($50 per kid).  It's interesting to me that the church doesn't just "hand out" trips to camp.  They use it as an opportunity to show the kids that they have worth and that if they work hard they can do anything.  This year they challenged the children to memorize scripture in order to earn a spot at camp.  Now this has often been a controversial issue with some of our supporters and I understand the concerns.  However, our model at Caroline's Promise is to allow our partners in Guatemala to make decisions like this because after all, it's their country, their kids, their culture.  As Americans we don't always have to understand it.

That said, I've seen kids over the years learn insane amounts of scripture.  And I've watched the Holy Spirit help young adults from the church, recall that scripture years later as they are ministering.   There is definite value in scripture memorization!

When we were asked to do a kids' camp this year we were thrilled that Iglesia Adonai not only wanted to offer it to their kids but to the kids in Gerona, where they are planting a church.  All were told that they would be able to go to camp if they memorized scripture.  We were planning on 40 kids.......we found out yesterday that it's going to be 50 plus!  That's a lot of kids who now have God's word planted in their hearts!

This is Maria Michelle.  She memorized 84 verses so that she can go to camp!  If the kids were that committed and excited about going to camp - I can't wait to see what God is going to do in their lives!  Will you pray with us?  Kids' Camp will be July 7 and 8.  We still need sponsors at $50 per kid.  If you would like to partner with us you can donate online.  Choose the fund "Guatemala Orphan Projects" and write "Camp" in the comment box.  Most of all, please pray!

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