Wrap up from CP Team 1 and Calvary Church Team

Our first team finished up their week of ministry with an evangelistic program for the students at Casita Adonai.  Led by the Calvary Church team, they shared Jesus through games and lessons.  The result?  Approximately 30 kids asked Jesus into their hearts!

The team spent their final afternoon continuing the construction projects that they started and then spent some sweet time in prayer for the construction project, church, and school.

I (Lisa) loved joining this team halfway through and watching them at work.  The CP team was led by board member, Tami Rumfelt who is a pro at leading teams.  She had a smaller team this year (6 people) but what they lacked in numbers, they made up for in heart and hard work.  Small teams can be different than larger ones in that it's often easier to bond a deeper level.  This obviously happened with this team and it was a beautiful thing to see.  It reminded me of teams I have been on in the past, even before Caroline's Promise.  Those people are my friends to this day and I pray that the closeness of this CP team will grow as they continue to make a difference in the world.  Thank you Tami and your team for working so hard and giving so much of yourself!  You are in our prayers as you reenter your everyday life this week.

It was a blessing for me to watch a team from my home church minister to the people that I love so much!  Calvary Church of Greensboro, NC brought a team of 13 and spent their first 4 days with us in Guatemala City.  Their teacher team (including one from the CP team) loved on our teachers and
really made them feel special.  They also assisted with work projects and led ministry events where Jesus was shared and felt in a real way.  This team continued on to Antigua where they are partnering with a Christian School there.  Thank you Calvary Church for coming and doing what you do!

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