Calling All Men

Calling all men. During an evening debrief in Guatemala, I looked around the circle to notice that I was one of two men in our group of 20+ volunteers during the "family" mission trip. I couldn't help but to wonder: Is this normal? Is this just another sign of the demise of the American family, or the demise of men being called as the spiritual leaders of households? Now believe me: this isn't to pat myself on the back, because I struggle and fail in so many ways daily.

Men, I encourage you to take the lead and get involved in mission work if you have not done so. You are needed at so many levels. You can make a difference! One hug, one kicked soccer ball, one high five, one passed football, one pat on the back, one opened juice box may be the most interaction a needy child gets from a man in a month. Children need to see these things and feel these things from men. 

There is plenty of work to be done if you are a man's man, too. Metal to be bent, steel to be cut, wires to be twisted, schools to be built, and nails to be driven. The smallest, most insignificant task has eternal, everlasting consequences. You can make a difference, not only in the lives of others, but also in the lives of your family and children.
Let's see if the next time we sit in a circle and debrief the men can outnumber the women. 

God can and will use you in the most unbelievable ways.

          John Edwards

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