Camp Team Mid-Week Recap

A recap of our trip so far…

After arriving on Sunday, we were all very excited to welcome to kids to camp on Monday morning. It was awesome to see and build relationships with the kids from Gerona who came to camp.  We all served as counselors and partnered with Iglesia Adonai, who planned and implemented the services.

After saying goodbye to the kids on Tuesday, we were able to welcome a group of about thirty teens. During this time, we played games, performed skits, and read scripture with them. They were also able to take home bags of hygiene and health supplies.

On Wednesday, we were able to participate in a program that the students of Casita Adonai created. We got our first glimpse of the students we will be taking to Panajachel this Thursday morning! Afterwards, we were able to help with construction needs in order to lay the foundation for the new building.

We are excited to travel to Panajachel today and build relationships with the sixth graders at Casita Adonai. We will be building relationships with them and giving a devotional in order to prepare them for transitioning in the fall. Please pray for us as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us.

Here are a couple quotes from team members who wanted to share their favorite part of the week so far.

My favorite part of this week has been…
“…building relationships with the kids at camp.”- Drayton
“…being a camp counselor and getting to know the girls from Gerona.”- Aimee
“…being with the kids during sports.” –Libby
“…watching the kids come to camp; they were so excited!” –Brooke Soutter
“…watching the kids explore their camp room for the week. They were so excited to have beds.” –Natalie
“…watching the campers enjoy the amenities of the camp.” –Rob Jewell
“…watching the kids at Casita sing in English for us.”- Jamie

“…watching my daughter approach leaders to pray for the group in order to ask for safety and protection during construction.” –Melissa